WRX Holjes, Sweden


This was probably the most intense qualification this season. After Q1 V.Gryazin took P13 and that probably did more for the driver then if he would have finished first. Because in Q2 he pulled together all of what he has got and finished P1 that put him in P2 after two qualification stages. That put him in P5 overall.  

But you know - it wouldn't be rallycross without a little push from others. Unfortunately, the push wasn't as supportive as we had hopes and the race was over for our driver.

The qualifying races would prove to be bruising for a number of big names. The highest-profile casualties were undoubtedly Sondre Evjen (JC Raceteknik) and Vasiliy Gryazin (Sports Racing Technologies), who had arrived at Höljes sitting respectively second and third in the chase for the crown.

The Norwegian didn’t score a single point on a torrid weekend that included a spectacular barrel-roll in Q2, while his Latvian rival saw his challenge extinguished by first corner contact in Q4. Conner Martell – a podium-finisher five weeks ago at Silverstone – local specialist Linus Östlund and SET Promotion team-mates Sami-Matti Trogen and Simon Syversen were all similarly knocked out before the semi-final stage.

It was a tough race, but we are already getting ready for our next challenge.  

Championship Standings

1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 95 points

2. Guillaume De Ridder (BEL) 89 points

3. Henrik Krogstad (NOR) 76 points

4. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 69 points

5. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 65 points

6. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 64 points

7. William Nilsson (SWE) 54 points

8. Jami Kalliomäki (FIN) 49 points

9. Conner Martell (USA) 34 points

10. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 26 points

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