There is a reason why our team is called SPORTS RACING TECHNOLOGIES – because it’s our most important job at all times - to find technologies to help us become better, stronger and faster each year.

On a daily base we strive to build ourselves, take on challenges and accomplish them on our way to success.

It’s simple really – we love to win!

Our team consists of 4 projects. SRT Office, SRT Service, SRT Warehouse and Suspension Laboratory.


This is what we call – people behind the scenes. Logistics, finance, design and so much more. Four lovely girls putting out metaphorical fires on daily bases. Also, our team manager who takes the team to and back from the event without a scratch, the car isn’t always as lucky.


Serious manpower. Mechanics, technicians, engineers – brilliant and clever minds trained to be fast, efficient and never settle for anything less than perfection. Working all year long either in the workshop or out “in the field” - mud, sweat and gears!


There is really nothing these guys can’t find. Any spare part you need – just name it, they got it! Our warehouse is filled with anything that might be needed in any scenario. Yes, of course, sometimes it can get a little messy, but at the end of the day – you can’t race if you are not ready to get a little dirty.


Have you ever seen a really good-looking suspension setup? We sure have! Our suspension laboratory is our pride and joy. Nothing is impossible here. Our technicians are highly trained and love what they do. We work with various suspension brands and have become hard to surprise, but maybe you have a project that would change that?

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