Sports Racing Technologies are relatively new to rallycross. We debuted in 2017, attending World RX2 with our driver Vasily Gryazin. 

We have participated in events like WRX Metlet/Belgium, Lydden Hill/UK, Hell/Norway, Holjes/Sweden, Lohaec/France, Canada and South Africa. Not to mention RX2 on Ice and different smaller scale competitions like Greenland RX, Solvalla, Nordic Round and others. 

Rallycross is becoming one of the most watchable and interesting racing sports because the spectators are able to see every moment of the race. And since drivers compete with each other, not so much the time – action is guaranteed. Rallycross in motorsport is like the joker lap – you have to take it once during a race and most of the time you are not sure how it’s going to end. 

“For me, rallycross is a discipline that requires maximum concentration, you can never lose focus because the distance is short and needs to be driven incredibly fast. It’s all very emotional because you are driving alongside five other drivers and you just can’t allow yourself to relax.’’ – Vasily Gryazin