World Cup title in FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas


Vasily Gryazin, racer of the Latvian team “Sports Racing Technologies”, wins World Cup title in FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas ranking

By taking the second place in the final stage of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas (FWCCCB) “Baja Hail II”, Vasily Gryazin has won World Cup title in T3 group.

The final two stages of FWCCCB 2020 season took place from 13 to 16 December in Saudi Arabia. During the first race, “Hail Baja I” SRT crew Vasily Gryazin / Oleg Uperenko faced various problems and finished in the third position, whereas, right after that, the crew gained more success in the stage “Hail Baja II” and finished in the second position in T3 group. Prior to the race in Saudi Arabia, V. Gryazin was the leader of T3 group by the total score, and the points gained during these stages helped to retain the leading position. As it is known, O. Uperenko, co-driver of V. Gryazin, participates under the flag of Latvia.

Artūrs Priednieks, Project Manager of the SRT team CAN-AM: “I have to admit, this was a very tense race. Decision on participation came very late, but the team put all the effort required and completed a really voluminous work in a very short period of time, which led to successful participation of the crew. Although we were aware that finishing in TOP 3 was sufficient to win the World Cup title, tension was not less than usually in any other competition. However, the crew successfully reached the set goals and won the World Cup title! This is enormous success not only for the crew, but also for the whole team. This was our first season at the world level, and the World Cup title is ours in one season! Of course, nothing came easy, and the crew faced technical issues during the race, thus preventing from higher score in the first stage of “Baja Hail”, but our teamwork showed that we were able to deal with everything and purposefully reach our goals.”

Pilot V. Gryazin: “This was my first competition in a desert, but driving in a desert is very specific. Each driven kilometre was a new experience for me. And it was a very valuable experience. My goal was to learn, get used to the new circumstances and reach finish in TOP 3 in both stages. I did that, and now I am the winner of the World Cup! Indescribable feelings! I would like to thank the SRT team for their contribution, which was beyond imagination, and their support throughout the season, which was full of various challenges for all of us. Besides, I would like to thank especially my co-driver O. Uperenko, who helped me with his immense experience to gain speed with every new stage.”

The race in Saudi Arabia closed the 2020 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas season. At the moment, our team is working on the plans for the next season, with which it will familiarise broader society in January. Besides, the SRT team offers cooperation also for other racers, who wish to participate and prove themselves in the exciting cross-country discipline.

Total score of the World Cup in T3 class:

Place Pilot State Points

1 Vasily Gryazin RUS 70

2 Saleh Al-Saif SAU 58

3 Guillaume de Mevius BEL 45

4 Bernd Hoffman ESP 31

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