SRT sim is a new project for the team Sports Racing Technologies!


The team has been involved in motorsport at a high level for several years, providing its services to drivers such as Hening Solberg, Oliver Solberg, Reinis Nitiss, Lukasz Habaj, Adam Westlund, Nikolay and Vasiliy Gryazin and many others. 

Teams director Ģirts Krūzmanis: “Soon friends of SRT team Solbergs will share their experience because they also choose SRT sim rigs to participate in their Solberg World Cup e-championship. It will be possible to follow this event on their and our social network. We consider it a sign of quality if the rising rally star Oliver Solberg and the motorsport legend Petter Solberg choose our simulators in e-sports competitions. ”

The team has gained experience in Rally and Rallycross World and European Championships, that in this quiet time is being used not only in machine building but also in a new project - the production of simulator rigs!

Starting from April of this year, SRT team in its unit in Ādaži, where mechanics and engineers are preparing the CanAm Maverick T3 car for the new Dakar season, started the production of simulators. From creating the design to testing the finished product. The team is currently developing several models so that anyone who wants to play/ride can find the most suitable simulator for them.

Sim project manager Artūrs Priednieks: “I think that we have once again managed to show how versatile people are in racing teams and what can be achieved using the accumulated experience and not being afraid to learn something new. The COVID 19 crisis most directly affected the team's daily activity, since all races were cancelled. A decision had to be made on how to proceed, and this type of action seemed very appropriate, as a large number of drivers are switching to virtual racing. I think this project has great potential to create a cool motorsport environment in the e-world of the 21st century. ”

You can buy a simulator frame, which includes a steering wheel, pedal and chair mounts. There is also an option to equip the simulator - with a sports chair, steering wheel, pedals, accessories - screen stand, keyboard and mouse pads, gearshift and hand brake stands. There are many options - all the necessary information can be found on the website and on social portal Instagram by searching for @srt_sim - there you will find the current photos and product prices.

If we are going to spend time behind the wheel and screen, then the experience should feel very close to what the riders experience while participating in races! SRT team wants their simulators to fulfil every e-athlete's dream of driving on the world's most famous tracks together with the best drivers. That's why SRT has included the characteristics of a racing car in its simulators - for example, the seating position is adapted to the position of the R5 vehicle. Further team plans also include the creation of an active platform, where you will then be able to enjoy acceleration, braking and other racing sensations, where team engineers whose main job is working with race car electronics will be able to make a great contribution.

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