RallyX Nordic - Tierp Arena - Twice the fun with R.Nitišs and V.Gryazin


This weekend was very special for our team since there were two drivers in our team! R.Nitišs and Vasiliy Gryazin came to Tierpe Arena to do a lot of things - compete, learn from each other and have fun without completely destroying the RX Lite cars. 

Newly-crowned European Rallycross Champion for Supercars-Reinis Nitiss wasted no time in asserting himself on the Supercar Lites field as he scored a top-five finish in Q1 in RallyX Nordic final round in Tierp arena. 

Taking no time to adjust to the RallyX Nordic or the all-new track itself, Nitiss was fastest in free practice one before finishing second to team-mate Vasiliy Gryazin in the first race of Q1. This would translate to fourth overall on the timesheets.

“It was not planned to do this but SRT is a Latvian team and they asked me if I was available for them. The level in Supercar Lites is really high, so why not – it’s extra driving and a chance to show how good this team is.”

Reflecting on an impressive 24-strong field this weekend, one which includes World RX driver Kevin Eriksson and European RX racer CsuCsu, Nitiss has high hopes of success but insists his primary aim is to support his countrymen. 

“The grid is really strong and the line-up, but there is only one expected to show the best and win. But I am also here to help Vasiliy and between the both of us I am sure we can do a great job.”

Vasily Gryazin held up a good fight in Q1, but Nitišs finished 2nd in Q2 and Vasiliy finished 6th. Q3 came with Nitišs in 5th place and Vasiliy in the 14th. 

Then it was time for semifinals. R.Nitišs had an amazing run and finished in 1st place. Vasiliy finished 4th in his semifinal. 

Finals came and Nitišs took the 4th place - and that is always a bummer.

If we take a look at both our drivers - even if their speeds where different and also the places they took were different.

They both had the same issue with their tires. The track was brutal to the cars - a lot of competitors had broken suspension and tire problems. 

We are now very excited about the next event where Reinis and Vasiliy will race side to side - WRX of South Africa. 


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