Rally Estonia 2018


This year Rally Estonia was very busy for us since there were three crews roaming the roads with our team. 

First one:

Oliver Solberg and Veronica Engan had two test days in Aluksne, Latvia before the rally. 

"Today's tests are very technical and there is some work to do. Today we are pushing more on pace notes since the first steps to a fast rally are good pace notes.  Today I have letters written down on my hand because I always say "right" even if it's a left corner. I need to remember that left is left and right is right. It's pretty important. Ha!" - Oliver Solberg

On the 14th and 15th of July, Rally Estonia took place and O.Solberg/V.Engan had incredible speed that led them to the 4th place overall and 2nd place in LRC3/RC4 group! The crew was very happy with their speed and success since it was a very hard rally and other competitors (strong local drivers) were down for a fight. Oliver admits on having a very close fight with K.Torn trough out the rally. Congratulations! 

Second one: 

Adam Westlund and Jim Hjerpe also had tests in Aluksne before the rally.

I am pretty satisfied with the tests because we found good setups for the car. Of course, we are also working on the pace notes. Overall I think I am ready for the rally. It will be a good experience. The most important thing for me is to learn something new during every rally and to have fun!" - Adam Westlund 

Unfortunately, after a mistake was made on the 1st day of the rally A.Westlund and J.Hjerpe had to end their race. But the crew is already getting ready for their next challenge and will not let this get in their way. 

Third one:

Raul Jeets and Andrus Toom were a part of our team this weekend as well and had a good rally overall, in the end, they took 8th place and had a clean rally with no major mistakes. 


1. O.Tänak M.Järveoja

2. H.Paddon S.Marshall

3. C.Breen S.Martin

4. E.Pietarinen J.Raitanen

5. J.Huttunen A.Linnaketo

6. G.Gross R.Mõlder

7. V.Gorban S.Larens

8. R.Jeets A.Toom

9. R.Bundsen R.Loštšenikov

10. R.Aus S.Koskinen

11. G.Kruuda K.Adler

12. A.Popov A.Krylov

13. R.Shaymiev M.Tsvetkov

14. H.Kers M.Kapp

15. K.Torn A.Lesk

16. R.Nitišs A.Mālnieks

17. O.Solberg V.Engan

18. A.Aigro U.Piigli

19. R.Poom K.Järveoja

20. A.Mikhaylov N.Kokins


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