Rally Casentino 2018

7/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

This weekend our rally crew Nikolay Gryazin and his partner in crime Yaroslav Fedorov participated in Rally Casentino. This was one of those times when more than speed occurred. Here is a comment from our driver.

The race was excellent.
During the first stage (city) we drove past one turn and we had to turn around, where we lost 3 seconds.
Also we had a puncture of the rear wheel in the 3rd stage. All the other stages we drove as with full speed. Some places we went crazy while others we calmed down to keep on track. But in general, our task was to drive each stage very fast.
To my surprise, I managed to drive a 36-kilometer stage without any problems and win it. I was very pleased with the second place including our wheel puncture. 
Thanks to the team, the organizers, the fans and everyone who was involved in the result!    /N.Gryazin

Congratulations guys on the intense and interesting race that led us to these great results! 


1.  Re Alessandro - Florean Fulvio icon Škoda Fabia R5

2. Gryazin Nikolay - Fedorov Yaroslav icon Škoda Fabia R5

3. Campana Pierre - Savignoni Dominique icon Škoda Fabia R5 

4. Razzini Marcello - Marcomini Gianmaria icon Peugeot 208 T16 

5. Cresci Roberto - Ciabatti Fabio icon Ford Fiesta RS WRC 

6. Cavallini Tobia - Farnocchia Sauro icon Ford Fiesta RS WRC 

7. Gentilini Valter - Gastaldello Enrico icon Ford Fiesta RS WRC 

8. Ingram Chris - Whittock Ross icon Škoda Fabia R5 

9. Avcioglu Orhan - Korkmaz Burcin icon Škoda Fabia R5 

10. Lindholm Emil - Korhonen Mikael icon Hyundai i20 R5 

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