Rally Askersund 2018

6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM

Last weekend our driver N.Gryazin and co-driver Y.Fedorov took part in Rally Askersund.  

Our team is happy with the results and ready to show some speed in the next races. 

It was a great race. I got better with each stage because I got used to the surface - it's quite different from the one in Latvia where we train. But I got to the point where the driving style complemented the surface nicely and gave the best speed. I was in the lead after first stages and during the 8th stage I punctured a tire and lost a minute and 30 sec that took me back to the third place in the end. But we won 8 out of 10 stages and we are quite happy with the race.  - Nikolay Gryazin

 Results :

1.  Berglund Martin

2.  Holmberg Johan

3. Gryazin Nikolay

4. Thunström Thomas  

5. Johansson Tobias

6. Flodin Patrik

7. Lundberg Elias

8. Karlsson Emil

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