N.Gryazin takes a crash corse in R5 basic mechanics


Since this season is almost over it's the absolute right time to start preparing for what's up next!

This time in a more technical way N.Gryazin has joined our team of R5 experts.

At this point, it is crucial to get to know your car as much as possible. And not only the control of it, the speed limits and suspension efficiency.

Now it's time to get under the hood and even under the car itself.

Our mechanic tells us "A driver is only as good as his ability to read. Read the situation, read the road, the speed and to be ready for anything. It's no secret that the most unpredictable things can happen when going with full speed ahead. But sometimes they are very predictable - you just have to be ready and have the knowledge. That is why he is here today with us and learning how to do basic mechanical work. Crashes will happen, but they don't have to mean that the race is over. It's an opportunity to use what you have in a very stressful situation and make it work!"

These rally guys - they really do have to know it all!

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