ERC Liepaja 1st place overall for O.Solberg, Championship leader by one point L.Habaj and LRČ victory for A.Westlund


This rally was an extraordinary one for our team!

How amazing is O.Solbergs first ever overall win in an ERC championship! Most of the special stages won and practically no mistakes even with the changing weather conditions!

In his own words: "It's unbelievable", but then again - we all had a feeling this would happen and there is no doubt in our minds that this kid will grow up to be a real force to be recond with. He already kinda is...

Every time Oliver comes to rally in Latvia we know - it's going to be a lot of fun! And if we think back a couple of years - Oliver progresses in lights speed. Almost as fast as he drives his VW Polo! 

Another young driver A.Westlunds is showing great results and keeps it calm even when standing on the podium for the 1st place in LRČ4. 

And the newest member of our team - L.Habaj is in the Championships lead by 1 point. Chris Ingram is determined to change that as he is the one in the 2nd place, but we are as eager to keep Habaj in the lead! Last year Habaj drove ERC Liepaja as well, but this year was quite different - since the first day's stages were mostly in Talsi and the second day had tricky weather conditions.  

Overall Habaj did a good job, didn't allow the fast corners to trick him and ended the rally in the 5th position. 

Next time you will see Habaj in his country and I think it will be very fun to watch - ERC Poland - here we come! 

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