Baja Portalegre 500


The third stage of the Baja World Cup has ended in Portugal. Despite the fact that the country was quarantined due to the coronavirus, the organizers still managed to hold Baja Portalegre 500 from the 5th till the 7th of November.

This Baja was highly intense because of the weather conditions - roads are already difficult but with the heavy rain that was coming down non stop the organizers had to shorten some of the stages even. However, Vasiliy told the team that this was a very good and fun race that would make any driver fall even more in love with this discipline and the car itself.

Vasily Gryazin and Oleg Uperenko, representing the Sports Racing Technologies team, became the fastest in their T3 class at the third and final special stage of the race. The temporary reserve made the day before allowed the Belgian Guillaume de Meuvews to keep the first place in the T3 category, Gryazin and Uperenko took the second position, two and a half minutes behind, and Laurent Poletti - the third (12 and a half minutes behind the leader).

In the general classification of Baja Portalegre, the crew of Gryazin and Uperenko took fifth place, and according to the results of the three stages of the World Cup Pa Baham remained in first place in their class.

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